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Bernie Fratto's book, "You can get Anywhere,
from Anywhere!
" is due out shortly.

Below you will find the introduction to the book and synopsis. It
chronicles the personal, inspirational story of JT the Brick.

JT the Brick is heard nightly on FoxSports Radio, as he is nationally syndicated on 300 radio stations around the country.

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“The mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation”
-Henry David Thoreau

I’m a sucker for a great story.

Everybody likes great stories.

We love to hear them, and we love to tell them. And, as former Speaker of the House Tip O’Neill used to say, “If they have the added value of being true, that’s even better!”

Recited properly, there’s always something about the ‘story behind the story’ that arouses emotion and inspires people to take action, doing things they never knew they were capable of doing.

Here are a few simple examples:

Just about everyone loves Kentucky Fried Chicken. However… were you aware that founder Harland Sanders was 58-years old, despondent, and had faced over 1,000 rejections before somebody tried his recipe?

Henry Ford is internationally famous. But did you know he filed bankruptcy three times before the Model T hit the road?

Everyone has heard of Disneyland. Even so… did you know its creator Walt Disney was fired from his first two jobs because his bosses said he had, ‘no creativity?’

Federal Express trucks pass by us constantly on the road! Still, I bet you didn’t know that its originator Fred Smith, was told by a college professor that his dream to start a company which could ‘deliver mail overnight’ was a bad idea and would never work?

All great people started out as very ordinary.

But, they decided they would do extraordinary things with their life that would add value to the lives of others. And in doing so, they built their own brand and developed products or services the masses could benefit from and enjoy.

In turn, the lives of Americans, and even beyond… would be enriched.

John ‘JT the Brick’ Tournour is one of those people.

I got to know ‘JT the Brick’ many years ago, and I was struck by his passion and determination to deliver a product to his audience they would care about and enjoy. But he also wanted to make sure he provided a vehicle for them in which to participate and interact as well.

I was fascinated by his story. Yes, he took the road less traveled to get to his current destination, but along the way he left clues as to how he reached such successful heights.

In doing so, he proved that it doesn’t matter where you are today in your life regarding profession, geography, or even age. You can get anywhere you desire if you want it bad enough and you’re focused upon providing service to other people.

Therein lies the story.

The narrative of John ‘JT the Brick’ Tournour is one of heart, determination, vision and perseverance. JT might have taken the road less traveled to get to his current plateau, but it only serves to remind us that the American dream is alive and well.

‘JT the Brick’ is living proof.

JT’s story is the purest definition of unique. But JT knows everyone’s story is unique. Every person has the potential to be great, you just have to be willing to reach into your heart to bring out the greatness. After that, the sky is the limit.

‘JT the Brick is living proof.

JT’s story is also one of gratitude, appreciation and thankfulness. Every step of the way JT recognizes and pays tribute to all the good people that have influenced his success. Starting with his family, JT’s childhood buddies, his college cronies, his professional associates, and certainly his listeners and callers, he is utterly sincere about making sure these folks understand an important fact; They’ve all meant the world to him and they have added significance to his life in countless ways.

There is one other aspect about JT the Brick that is very noteworthy; He enjoys sharing private details of his journey. He is equally passionate about helping others succeed in their own personal lives, as everyone strives to find their place in the world.

JT’s “Brick’s Six” offers distinctive insights into the good habits he employed while working to boost his career. These insights can easily be implemented by anyone who desires to reach their true potential.

In JT’s case it just happened to be about sports talk radio, but the lessons gleaned are transferrable to all walks of life.

The message is simple; No matter where you start, you can get where you want, in business and in life… if you’re willing to build your reputation, your product, or your foundation, ‘one brick at a time,’ by doing the little things on a daily basis.

‘JT the Brick,’ is living proof.

Unquestionably, JT has proven in his thoughts and in his actions, that in America you positively can, ‘Get anywhere, from anywhere!’






Bernie on-the-air with JT The Brick on FoxSports 920am
live at the Orleans Hotel in Las Vegas

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